HUNTERSVILLE, NC — Recent kitchen inspections at three Charlotte-area restaurants resulted in their health ratings dropping to a "B" recently after numerous health code violations, ranging from dirty soda fountain nozzles to grungy pans, plastic containers and kitchen gear. In Huntersville, found restaurants were inspected and all kept their "A" rating, however some violations were documented.

Do you truly know how clean your favorite coffee shop or restaurant is? Find out with the most recent restaurant and food service inspections in Charlotte, Huntersville, Davidson, and elsewhere in Mecklenburg County, performed by the Mecklenburg County Health Department.

The following Huntersville restaurants were inspected (click on the link to go to their inspection report):

County health officials recently inspected 125 restaurants in the Charlotte-metro area. Health grades at the following restaurants drop to a B:

An April 9 inspection at Little Caesars documented a dozen violations, including the lack of hand soap in the employee bathroom, dirty pans and "food residue build-up on can opener," as well as food residue on walls and food on the floor.

An inspection on April 8 at the Jasmin Grill, 10 violations were found including raw chicken stored above raw beef, an employee not sanitizing a cutting board after use and major floor tile repairs needed.

At America's Best Wings, an April 8 inspection found 10 violations, including employee beverages stored in food preparation areas, dirty plastic containers and dried food debris on a tomato slicer, as well as heavy build-up on soda fountain nozzles.

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Results from the Mecklenburg County Health Department inspections done April 3 - April 9, 2019 are listed below. You may look up your favorite restaurant or find more detailed information about this latest batch of inspections here.

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