Helion’s line of affordable RTRs has been joined by another 1/12 scale entry with the Contakt 12TR, which dresses a 2WD platform with truggy styling. Just like the other 1/12 scale cars in their lineup, the Contakt packs a lot of value into a small package at a low price. A 2.4GHz radio system controls a water-resistant electronics package, and there’s no skimping on the included battery; it’s a high-capacity (for its size) LiPo, and there’s even a balance charger and charging bag included. All you need to add are four AA batteries, and the Contakt is ready to go directly from box to back yard.

BEHIND THE WHEEL It didn’t take long to get the Contakt out of the box and ready for action. The partially charged LiPo battery only took about a half hour before it was fully charged with the included charger. Once the Contakt was ready to go, I put it down on the tarmac and ripped on the throttle and it took off with authority. The Contakt has strong acceleration, especially on high-traction surfaces. Top speed is a GPS-confirmed 18.3mph, and it was easy to pop wheelies by rolling backward with reverse then blasting full throttle. The Contakt’s tires have lots of grip on asphalt and it is very reactive to steering inputs, enough to traction-roll. The little truck proved to be pretty resilient, and came back for more despite a few hard tumbles. On the dirt, the Contakt still exhibited a good amount of traction despite the tire tread’s wide-and-flat lug design. The front end gets light under power which contributes to understeer while accelerating, but once the front tires are on the ground and at speed, the Contakt turns exceptionally well as it moves from obstacle to obstacle. The Contakt doesn’t mind airtime and the truck flies nice and level, but hard landings can bottom-out the shocks and slap the chassis. The friction dampers do an adequate job soaking up small bumps and imperfections, but the Contakt tends to bounce and bottom out in very rough terrain. Since the Contakt is a 1/12-scale truck, I didn’t expect it to get over all the obstacles a 1/10 scale (or larger) car would. On surfaces appropriate for its size, it’s an excellent fun-runner.

PLUS • LiPo battery and balance charger included • Responsive handling • Water resistant electronics

Final Word The Helion Contakt delivers a lot for about $150 bucks. Its user-friendliness makes it easy for a first-time driver to get a feel for the wheel, and the reduced-power settings are especially helpful for little guys. Responsive handling makes the Contakt fun to rip on and off road, and its 1/12 scale size offers easy portability for anytime RC action.

No body clips to remove here. The bottom loading battery compartment makes it easy to access the battery for quick removal and installation.

No upgrade required in the battery department, there’s a LiPo right in the box. Helion supplies an AC-powered mini balance charger to juice it up.

The speed control/receiver combo unit mounts ahead of the battery pack. The driver is hard to see with the body on, but he looks good under the roll cage.

The HRSS-2.1 transmitter appears the same as the HRSS-2 we last tested with the Helion Impakt 12B, but the new model adds steering dual-rate capability and two limited-throttle modes for new drivers. You can select 50% or 70% power if the default 100% setting is too quick for whoever you’re handing the radio to.

Acrylic Shoe Storage Box

The plastic friction shocks do a good job of taming smaller obstacles, but are bouncy when the going gets rough.

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