Men’s bags are on the rise in the fashion world and they should be. They are super functional, they are stylish and they make men’s lives a little bit easier. You can even build an outfit around them. These are the best sling bags for men in the fashion world.

The Jumpman logo from Nike and Jordan is one of the most recognizable logos on the planet. From one corner of the world to the other everyone knows that logo. The brand makes some of the most fashionable clothing and accessories in the game. This black with a hint of red sling bag will hold all your gear and make you look good while it’s slung over your shoulder.

If you are looking into fashion-friendly bags then the name Coach is going to appear over and over again as they are the premier bag maker in the world. They have had their bags walk across catwalks and red carpets alike. They are stylish, they are useful and they get a ton of attention. The great thing about Coach is that while they are known for women’s purses they also make some great looking men’s bags too. This bag will do well in a formal setting or a casual one. You can wear it with a suit and jacket or jeans and a tee. Either way, this bag is clutch.

Under Armour is one of those brands that has grown exponentially over the past two decades. From a small sporting goods company based out of Baltimore to a juggernaut in men’s and women’s fashion that stands out next to names like Nike and Reebok, this brand doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. For the outdoorsy guy that likes to have all of his stuff with him out in the wilderness and the guy that likes to have his gear rocking sneakers and a hoodie. this sling bag is going to be the perfect fit. The polyester and nylon bag will withstand nearly anything you put it through. While it looks great in black, it also comes in a tactical green and metallic gold and full heather. Definitely the kind of bag that you can use trudging through the woods. 

Patagonia is an outdoor clothing and gear company that has been making amazingly stylish and durable stuff since 1973. If you’re climbing a personal best or kayaking from one side of the lake to the other this company has all the gear and clothing that you will ever need. They make tough gear to withstand whatever you and nature can throw at it. This sling bag is not only cool in its arctic color but incredibly durable. The bag works well while walking or snowboarding down your favorite black diamond. You can get this bag in the featured color or in 7 others.

KAVU makes some seriously cool looking sling bags. They differ from all the others based on their unique designs and bright vibrant colors. This bag’s color scheme is named Candy Stars and you can see why. There is so much going on with this bag aesthetically that it is hard to not look at. If you are the kind of guy that likes to make a statement with his accessories and outfits then you need to get one of these bags in the featured color or one of its other 30+ colors.

This retro-styled sling bag is one of the coolest colors in the game. The mustard yellow, while not always the most attractive color, looks great in this bag and even though it is very bright and very unique it should go with any pairings. It is made of leather and will not get too moist and get heavy as the day goes. If you are an avid or beginning hiker this is a great purchase for all future climbs. The bag also comes in one other color if you aren’t feeling the yellow.

Channel your inner Indiana Jones with this 100% leather sling bag that looks super vintage and ready for an adventure. Imagine shoving the crystal skull into this bag as you run through the jungle as a giant boulder chases you down. Or put your lunch, water, and other gear in this bag before you head up your favorite hike. You can also put your laptop and other stuff in this bag on your way to the office. Pick your poison. This bag comes in the featured brown or in one of four other colors.

The perfect sling bag for the guy that is going to put it to good use. This bag just looks tough. It looks like it is aching for an adventure whether it be hunting or fishing or hiking this bag is a great fit. This bag will also keep your gear dry and away from the elements should you want to camp for the night and don’t want to ruin or lose anything. This bag comes in the featured camo and four other badass colors.

It is no mystery or secret that black truly does go with everything. This sling bag is proof of that. The cool black snakeskin design gives the bag a ton of depth and personality. The deep black will pair well with a suit and tie or with jeans and a tee. You can wear this to the office or out and about for the night. This bag is for the man that doesn’t want to have to overthink his wardrobe and the accessories that go with it.

Just because you are the kind of person that likes a vintage look doesn’t mean you should have to compromise and settle for vintage technology. This bag is the best of both worlds with it’s cool a clean looks paired with its modern tech. The bag is made for the guy on the go. There is a suction cup that will keep your phone in place, a USB port for charging and sharing and it’s strap design means less stress on your shoulder and chest. The bag looks great in the featured colors but also looks pretty steezy in the inverse color scheme.

If you are looking for something with a vintage or retro flair but isn’t too bulky or confining then this bag from Brass Tacks leatherworks is the best choice for you. The rustic look mixed with its usefulness is a great pairing that should work well with a nice earth-toned outfit or something extremely casual. you can wear this bag to the office but try and do it with some khakis so that you don’t clash too much. Some clashing is okay but too much can be unappealing visually. 

The pattern on this KAVU bag looks like one of those Magic Eye pictures where you look at the design for so long that you end up seeing a sailboat or a whale. This is the kind of bag that you can’t look away from because of how dope it is. While it is a lighter, less bulky version of most sling bags it is still a great bag for your workout gear, yoga clothes, whatever you need it to do. Now it won’t hold your laptop but you can definitely use it as a carry on or the kind of bag you would use for workouts.

This sling bag is definitely a bit beefier than some of the others. This is a more tactical version of the sling bag, inspired but the military this bag is partially soft but has some spots that have a shell inside for a harder heavier surface. This is to protect to contents from your body movements and anything else that may come into contact with the bag. There is a back pad in the bag that is breathable so the bag doesn’t cause you to sweat through your shirt. This is a great bag for the guy that prefers to be outdoors more than he prefers to be indoors.

Patagonia is one of the names that people trust because of their stellar track record. From tents to sling bags they make a bit of everything that can help assist in the comfort and success of most adventures. This sling bag is pretty plain as far as designs go but that isn’t why this bag was created. This nylon and canvas bag was made to be used and abused. Trust that this bag will last through any adventure because it is a quality made product with a trustworthy name behind it.

The colors and pattern of this bag are super cool. Not only does the bag look like it was part of a glacier or something it is totally durable and completely useful. This bag will hold your gear while getting you some much-deserved compliments. It is lightweight and waterproof as well as a great pairing for some blue jeans and a hoodie. This bag will last you a long time and should be the perfect accessory for that spin class you keep planning on going to. 

Maybe you like to wear different clothes than everyone else? Maybe you are one of those guys that have his own style and likes to march to the beat of his own drummer? If you are like this then you most likely want something different than the typical sling bag. This red sling bag is the perfect fit for you. While it is still as useful as the traditional sling bag it has a style and attitude all its own. It has one main large compartment and two other smaller compartments to store your stuff and is made of genuine leather for that classic look and smell.

If you’re a fan of the vintage leather look but need something a little more compact and discrete than this is definitely the bag for you. This sling bag holds tighter to your body than others and after minutes of wearing it, the bag becomes part of you. It moves with you and you won’t even realize that it is on. It has multiple pockets for your phone and wallet and other stuff. It also comes in two other colors, a darker more reddish-brown, and black.

If you are a fan of the sling bag but are worried because it is too small to hold all of your gear then you simply need to look into a sling bag that is bigger than the traditional sling. This bag is a sling bag but has the size of a military duffle. It is a great bag to use as luggage on a long trip or the perfect bag to use on a camping outing or RV trip. Whatever you use the bag for this one will definitely carry everything you need and then some.

The distressed leather look is super in right now and more and more people are getting jackets and boots to match the trend. If you aren’t a fan of leather jackets or leather boots but you like the distressed look then you need to get yourself this sling bag. These bags serve their purpose better than most products and they look great while doing it. This bag isn’t a large sling, it is meant to carry smaller items but the blue hue and the leather look are a great fit and finish for your next bag.

This sling bag is an absolute beast. It is hard and tough and rugged and can take whatever the world or you throw at it. You can hit this bag with a baseball bat and won’t do any harm to its contents. This bag is as if luggage were a sling, totally uncompromisable. If you do a lot of outdoorsy type stuff or you are the kind of guy that needs gear that is tougher than your typical gear, this bag was made especially for you.

The absolute cream of the crop of sling bags, this bag by Louis Vuitton is at the top of the sling bag mountain. The name speaks volumes, knowing that the bag comes from Louis you know you are looking at something that was hand-made with so much care that you can’t take your eyes off of it. You will be the envy of any man or woman you come into contact with when they see you wearing this dope bag. This bad is so sexy that your stuff would be lucky to be kept in it. 

These bags are a great accessory and should be worn to lift your outfit to another level if they aren't worn for practical reasons such as needing the extra space. Get a bag that will go with your outfits and that will pair well with what you already own. These bags are great for days at the office or a week camping in the mountains. You can wear them while snowboarding and hitting the lifts or you can wear them to business meetings where the senior VP will be in attendance. Whatever the event, there is a bag that ill fit the occasion.

Some of the sexiest sling bags are the ones that look like they are decades old. The distressed leather look is very popular right now and that doesn't just go for jackets and gloves, that go for sling bags as well. This Polare sling bag is right out of an Indiana Jones movie. The bag looks like it has been taken on a ton of adventures but it hasn't. You will be responsible for filling that bag full of memories. If you want something a little different than this Retro sling bag is perfect for you. It has a great look to it and the color will brighten up any outfit you're trying to pull off. If you want something a little more traditional you should really look into getting something like this snakeskin looking sling bag from Monster Republic. It is dark so it'll go with your outfits casual or formal and the texture and depth that is added because the scales are out of this world. 

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